Mayoral Systems Analytics, Inc.

Mayoral Systems Analytics, Inc.

MSA, Inc.: Combining sophisticated analysis with innovative engineering techniques


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I. Company Profile

MSA, Inc. is a small, minority-owned busiess, S-Corporation, licensed in Pennsylvania, providing systems engineering and technical consulting services in support of programs serving the Department of Defense (DoD) in nine core competency areas of Command & Control, Communications Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and information technology:
    Communications systems engineering
    Satellite payload integration
    Satellite Communications Ground Station Resource Management Systems
    Electronic Warfare
    GMD Database structures and architecture
    Systems Analyses
    Digital Systems Processing
    Automatic Control Systems Analyses
    Systems Identification & Modeling
    Airport traffic management systems

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II. Business Strategy

MSA, Inc. is committed to serving the Defense community, especially as it relates to new national security concerns, in the following key areas: defense communications architectures and communications systems engineering; broadband and network systems; digital signal processing; signals intelligence; systems integration; concepts of operation; information and data compression; and optimal systems control.

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III. Clients & Strategic Relationships

    MSA, Inc. clients include:
    Booz-Allen Hamilton
    Boeing Corporation
    Titan Systems, Inc.
    MSA, Inc. has strategic relationships with:
    Titan Systems, Inc.
    Maxim Systems
    SRS Technologies, Inc.

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IV. Systems Engineering Experience

    AEGIS Weapon System Interface & Database Engineering for GMD Program (GMD Program)
    CONOPS Development for United Kingdom’s Military Satellite Communications System (SKYNET IV/V)
    SATCOM Radios (TRE, JTT, MATT, Joint S/W Radio)
    FDIR CONOPS Development for the Future Imagery Architecture (FIA)
    Hybrid Communications Architectures (Commercial SATCOM, Fiber, Networks, Small Unit Operations mobile-mobile LOS, POTS)
    Fiber Optic Comms, SONET/ATM Technologies
    Dig Signal Proc & Adaptive Filters
    Design, Test, & Evaluation of optical transceiver modules, point to point optical links & fiber optic networks
    Multigigabit Optical Ethernet networking architectures
    Auto Switched Optical Network (ASON) design
    Meshed Network Topologies analysis and simulation
    C4I Programs
    Program Management
    DAWIA Level III, DSMC, PMP Program Manager for TADIXS-B, TRAP/TRE

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V. MSA, Inc. Staff

Leopoldo M. Mayoral
President and CEO

Audree Chase-Mayoral
Business Developer

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How to Contact Us

Mayoral Systems Analytics (MSA), Inc.

2951 Kristin Court
Center Valley, PA 18034
Phone: (610) 282-3038; Fax: (610) 282-3838
Cellular: (571) 224-MSA2(6722)

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